Monthly Archives: May 2013

gpAlbum plugin! [proof of concept / demo]

I just finished a rough port of my fbAlbum code to use google+!

This means you can use my jQuery plugin to embed photos from your Google Plus album on your own webpage, just like my fbAlbum.js plugin does for facebook Albums.

There are a couple options that don’t yet work, but otherwise it should work the same as fbAlbum. Just view the source in the demo for basic usage. With a google+ gallery apparently you need your user ID & album ID.

I spent quite a long time trying to find a decent example g+ gallery. I eventually gave up and used Justin Beieber lol. If you have another good album for demo purposes, lemme know hahah.

Anyway, to find the user/album ID, first navigate to the gallery and look at the url:

in this example, the first long number (104…) is the user ID and the 2nd is the albumID (5747…)