Monthly Archives: May 2016

Books for a JavaScript developer

You Don’t Know JS (book series)
Free online:

I’m reading this now (on the 3rd book). It does a very thorough deep dive into JS.
The author is really good, and I like that the individual books are small and approachable. It does get a bit opinionated at times.

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

From the author of JQuery. Very readable, solid examples. Goes deep.

Eloquent JavaScript
Free Online:

One of the best introductions to programming/JS I’ve read. Very well put together and the online version has runnable examples.
I haven’t made it all the way through this one, but my impression is that introductory chapters are the most valuable

Mostly adequate guide to Functional Programming (in javascript)
Free Online:

This book isn’t really for beginners. I’ve been tackling this just a little bit at a time for the last 6 months or so.
If you want to learn functional programming in JS, this is the best guide I know of.

Clean Code (NOT JS specific)

I always recommend this (non-JS-specific) one to people too — definitely the most influential book to my programming style that I’ve read. Might not be super helpful in actually getting a job, but it will definitely make you better at it once you get one.