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Hey, its been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d drop an update.

I’ve not had much time to work on this site, but I have been busy.  I’ve recently finished building the new portfolio site for Silver Creative Group.

Also, I have a couple small personal projects I’m working on:

I have nearly completely ignored recent comments to my Facebook Album Plugin.  I’ve been busy, and apparently this plugin is popular enough that I’m getting multiple inquiries a week about adding features, or how to integrate it with different systems.

fbAlbum.js – Facebook Gallery JQuery plugin.

Hey everyone,

I’m finally unrolling my first official JQuery plugin.


Based on my original fbAlbum script, it grabs a photo album from Facebook and embeds it in your webpage.  It dynamically inserts the photo thumbnails into an unordered list, linked to the larger images.   Its built to be easy to modify, and is easy to use with lightboxes or sideshow plugins with the callback option.