My Projects

A short selection of sites I’ve coded. Bear in mind that other than my personal projects these were all designed by others. I just implemented them (with some help on some Rough Giraffed projects.)

With Silver Creative Group

With Rough Giraffed

Personal “geeky” projects

  • – This site. I don’t have any real specific plans for it. Just goin’ with the flow.
  • Facebook Album Embedder – This is a little code generator I wrote which will embed a facebook album into a webpage.  I’m currently finishing up a full-on jQuery plugin which will have some more interesting functionality.
  • CSS Reset Generator – This is a form which will generate a custom css reset stylesheet.  This project is very much a work in progress, but feel free to check in and see how its going.  I could really use some feedback and criticism too if you get a chance.
  • Craigslist Web Development RSS feed aggregator – just a little something I put together for my own use. It ain’t pretty, but it works
  • War (Flash) – Flash?!?! what??  Haha, I had to take this in school, and this was my final project, and hopefully the last time I use the program.  Thought it might be fun to put up here though.

12 thoughts on “My Projects

  1. matt harvey

    can you please assist with a fancybox that pulls pictures from Google + i use you script all the time on a site i have built for some one and i am redoing my site and want to pull pictures from Google+

    1. Zach Post author

      hey matt, thats a great idea for a future project, but beyond what I can quickly do by request. I’m not even sure if Google allows this kinda thing. I’ll keep it in mind, but I wouldn’t count on me getting to it too soon.

      1. matt harvey

        ok well thanks for adding this to your future project list. if i can pay to have this looked into further please let me know and i will, this is just such a great idea since all droids instant upload to google+ it would be much easier to sort there instead of uploading to face book all the time. let me know if and when it can be looked at.


        1. Zach Post author

          I’ll let you know if/when I get a chance to look into it more. I took a quick peek today, and it looks like Google+ requires some sort of auth. token or app-registration or some such thing for making api calls against a Google+ acct, but it may very well be possible to do what you want. I just don’t have the time to dig into it right now. Perhaps if you ask a question on StackOverflow? “HOw can I query my Google+ photos with javascript” may just get you some good info.

          1. matt ahrvey

            i have found some one who has written the jquary for Google plus i just need your help to deploy it in the fbalbum style. do you think you can help with that? or do i need to try jsfiddle. I have no clue how to do this all i do is play with code till its works.

            working google plus is here. it is not clean just working.

            would like it to look like this page witch is your code i modified

          2. Zach Post author

            awesome! looks easier than I thought. I can’t promise I’ll get to it too terribly soon, but finding this was a major step. If I get a couple free hours, I should be able to come up with a G+ version of my code now.

        2. Zach Post author

          Hey Matt,

          I just finished a rough port of my fbAlbum code instead use google+!

          There are a couple options that don’t yet work, but otherwise it should work the same as fbAlbum. Just view the source in the demo for basic usage. With a google+ gallery apparently you need your user ID & album ID.

          I spent quite a long time trying to find a decent example g+ gallery. I eventually gave up and used Justin Beieber lol. If you have another good album for demo purposes, lemme know hahah.

          Anyway, to find the user/album ID, first navigate to the gallery and look at the url:

          in this example, the first long number (104…) is the user ID and the 2nd is the albumID (5747…)

          1. matt harvey

            I have this up and working, and thank you so much!! is there any way to make the thumbnails show side by side? also can you show me how to change the background to something more transparent. and how do you scroll through the pictures. I would also like to know hot to add a watermark to all pictures. You did a great and fast job putting this together i do not want you to think i am ungrateful for what you have done so far. I am so happy and excited for this to be working.

            Have you ever thought of adding a tip jar to your web site….. i would donate or tip!!!

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